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How Many Pieces of ID do I Need?

Today was our second Colorado DMV experience. It actually went very smoothly being that a) we didn't go to the main office, we went to a minor office, b) we got there early so didn't have to wait forever, and c) I had called yesterday.

"c" is the most crucial of these actually. Previously when we attempted to go to the Colorado DMV, having your unexpired out-of-state driver's license and your US Passport were sufficient to prove your identity. And why not? Both are government issued, and both have your picture on them, making it a win-win situation.

Someone must have been having a slow, unproductive work day one day, gotten yelled at by his boss, and told to "make something happen", so he thought to himself, "now how can we mess people up even more when going to the DMV," and while shooting up crack, decided that no longer was a US Passport good enough identification, you needed yet another piece of ID!

I mean come on, a US Passport *by itself* is usually good enough ID for places like...oh I don't know...the airport, going through customs, foreign countries, but nope! Not for the Colorado DMV.

I randomly happened to call them yesterday to verify that the minor office we were going to did out-of-state transfers, and they happened to mention that the policy against passports JUST CHANGED yesterday. Oh, and note that it's not *all passports*, you guessed it, just US Passports.

So as a born, raised, patriotic, and bred US citizen, my totally 100% genuine US passport isn't good enough, HOWEVER if I had been born, raised, and bred in another country, my foreign passport would have been fine, and sufficed as a secondary ID.

ON TOP OF THAT, I pretty much only had 2 choices of a third ID: a certified marriage license (which fortunately I had), or a state certified birth certificate. NOT A CITY CERTIFIED which is what I had in my "important papers" file, but a state certified. Note that none of these have a photo and the person glanced at the marriage license for like half a second before actually turning back to the license and the passport.

Foreign born citizens had a choice of the marriage license, and 6 OTHER CHOICES INCLUDING THEIR FOREIGN PASSPORT. I should preface that though by saying if I had been adopted or in the military I could've used those documents, bringing my possible total up to 4.

From the list, Leif literally had 4 other pieces of ID in his possession, I had 1.

So I was able to get a driver's license with little trouble because I had called ahead and known to bring the other ID (note to Colorado DMV webmaster, it's kind of cryptic on the site talking about this issue, you may want to fix it...), but what exactly is this issue supposed to solve besides making it more difficult for people to get driver's licenses? Have there been that many issues in Colorado where people walked in with forged passports? And wouldn't it just be easier for them to walk in with a fake foreign passport anyways since most people probably can't tell a real one from a fake one? And seriously, why couldn't they just link into the California DMV database to verify my information, that would be one seriously useful piece of technology.

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Nice spider....think I will never visit you in Colorado :) Hope you don't have no see his friends and family!!!

I'm guessing it's not that common since none of our neighbors have seen a spider like that. :)

Seriously, I just moved to Colorado here recently, and I was studying online for my driver's test. I was just going to take my U.S. Passport, and my marriage license. Thank you for publishing this, it helped me tremendously. Nothing like driving forever to get to a DMV period, but then to turn around and go back home and get more ID. I'd have gotten irate for Again, thank you

Thanks Aubrey, I'm glad it helped out! Funny addendum to this is that a few months ago, the guy in office that got this law passed had problems getting his daughter a license. Hopefully they'll revamp the system at some point.