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Weekend in the Hospital

Friday night I was ready for what was looking to be a semi-enjoyable weekend. On Saturday we were going to take Loki and Thor to Labfest for some swimming fun. I was going to cook a new lasagna recipe on Saturday night. Sunday Leif was going to go dirt biking and I was planning on doing some photo or scrapbook stuff.

All that was shot. Saturday morning at about 4am I started feeling odd. It just kept getting worse until I was convinced I had food poisoning (although it turned out to be a stomach virus). I sipped on Gatorade and thought I was keeping it down, so after talking to the OB on call at about 10am (to make sure I wasn't doing anything bad to the baby), I stayed in bed all day Saturday and watched the Disney Channel. Hey, I really really needed something completely brain-dead, and I definitely discovered that for an adult, "That's So Raven", "Hannah Montana", "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", and those little Jonas Brothers shorts they did every hour fit the bill (however the Jonas Brothers have started growing on me now, scarily enough).

I thought I was feeling better, and I'll spare you all the sordid details of the day, but around 7pm I finally decided to call the doctor again. My constant thirst was kind of the key at this point, and the fact that all I wanted to do was chug a giant glass of ice water, even though I'd been drinking Gatorade all day. She told me to come to the ER, but more specifically Labor and Delivery so they could check me and the baby out (and skip the long ER lines too). I turned off Camp Rock, got Leif, and off we went.

Once we registered in the ER (about 10 minutes), I went upstairs to the Labor and Delivery area where they took a urine sample, and hooked me up to some sort of baby monitor. The nurse took one look at some chart and said "yeah, you should be up here at the top if you're not dehydrated, and you're way down here (like 2 rows from the bottom), so it's good you came in. Oh by the way, you need about 4 of these bags of IV fluids, so we're keeping you overnight." Not only was my heartbeat elevated, but the baby's was too. Poor baby.

They hooked me up to an IV, started me on fluids, gave me a Tylenol since everything ached, something they call Liquid Gold which removed all of my stomach pains, and an Ambien so I could sleep. Leif left at that point since there was no reason for him to stick around, and I went to sleep pretty quick.

The next morning I had my blood drawn twice (I still hate needles), and saw the doctor who really wanted to let me leave that day, but first all the tests had to come back ok, and I had to try and keep food down. I ate a few small packages of Saltines, and then they let me order food off the menu - Applesauce and Cream of Tomato Soup. That all sat ok with me, and finally I got to go home sometime in the afternoon. Both my heartbeat and the baby's heartbeat were back to normal. I spent the rest of the day at home fortunately, even though I was in bed.

Now I'm feeling almost normal, and even managed to eat a semi-real dinner of spaghetti.

So went my weekend.

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