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To Daycare, or Not to Daycare? From Yodeling Mamas

Yahoo recently started a blog called Yodeling Mamas, which features blog entries from mothers who work at Yahoo. Anyways, I wrote my first entry recently called To Daycare, or Not to Daycare? Check it out!

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Yahoo Hack Day

I participated in my first Yahoo Hack Day yesterday and today. Coding was from noon on Thursday to 1pm on Friday, with hack submissions closing at that time. Basically the idea is what cool Yahoo thing can you write in 24 hours, be it something useful, something fun, or just something you've always wanted to do. The demos started at around 1:20 on Friday, and ended at 4:30, just in time for pizza and beer. While I can't talk about anything publicly since it's Yahoo internal stuff, mine had something to do with how long employees have been at the company. I didn't win anything of course, but I was not only impressed that I got something finished, but it looked decent, and I got a large round of applause when presenting (and several laughs as well), and it's something I can cross off my "must do" list. I've never participated in anything like this before because my coding skills...well...haven't been up to snuff, but as this was all web based (my code was Perl, PHP, MySQL, and an AJAXified (is that a word?) UI) I was able to hold my own without any problems.

6/21 - I found the NBC 11 video of the Hack Day story they did on their website. Unfortunately it's in Windows Media player format (asx actually), and my Intel MacBook Pro wouldn't play it, my parents couldn't play it, and few of my friends could, so I moved it over to YouTube for easy access.

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Tom Cruise at Yahoo

Tom Cruise @ YahooAs part of the Yahoo influential speakers series (past speakers included Tom Brokaw and the Governator), Tom Cruise came today to have a "fireside chat" with everyone. The event was supposed to start at 10:30am, with doors opening at 10. When we arrived at work at 9:15, the lines to get in were already getting long (the people at the front of the line had arrived at 7am), so we bit the bullet and decided to wait the 45 minutes outside. Fortunately we stood with people we knew, and for once it wasn't raining so it wasn't all bad.

At 10 we all rushed in to get seats - we ended up getting seats on the side, and about halfway back so it could've been worse. 10:30 came and went. At 11 we were told he had "just landed". At 11:30, Terry came on stage to entertain us (by making jokes about lost productivity), and show us a little Tom Cruise montage video. Apparently Tom had flown himself in his own P51 Mustang, and because of the cloudy weather, the airport hadn't let him land on time. By noon he showed up to loud cheers and hurrahs, and sat with Terry on stage for about an hour, entertaining the crowd with stories, antics, and smiles. Katie Holmes was with him as well and sat with all the execs.

It was definitely cool to see him in person - very personable and charismatic, and of course he has that charming smile. He stayed away from hotbed topics which was a good idea.

Ah-nold at Yahoooooooooo!

ArnoldSo The Governator showed up at Yahoo on Monday as part of the Influential Speakers series. I definitely see his points on a lot of issues, but I think a lot of his wording is kind of wrong. For instance I'll point out his stance on teachers. He lumps teachers in a special interest group, and basically blames them for what's wrong with education. After listening to him speak, it was clear he had some coaching as to that matter, and blamed the right people - the district administration. I'm actually starting to lean more towards his education stance because a lot of what he says is true. I've been laid off like 3 times in my tech jobs, and there's no such thing as tenure. I do know teachers who have tenure who are absolutely fantastic teachers, but I also know teachers who have tenure who just plain suck who know they're untouchable. And honestly, I've never understood why the union took $70 per teacher out of every single paycheck. Even when they were trying to negotiate for higher salaries, I still never got it.

But the crux of the matter is, the district administration is where change needs to happen first.

A good writeup of Arnold's speech is over at Jeremy Zawodny's blog.

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