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Stupid Movie Plothole

I just finished watching 13 Going on 30 last night with Jennifer Garner. Honestly it wasn't a half-bad movie. It's about a 13 year old girl who hates her life and wishes at her 13th birthday party she was 30. The next instant, she is, but it's not the same concept as Big. Her 13 year old self is implanted 17 years later inside of her 30 year old self. She has none of the memories of the 30 year old, but is able to quickly find out what's been going on through friends, her job, and her apartment. The movie was kind of cute (and Mark Ruffalo is definitely kind of cute), but while watching it last night, one thing really grated on me.

(Spoilers ahead if you're ever planning on seeing this)
At 30, Jenna is a high-profile magazine...something. Not the editor-in-chief, but something important, I can't remember, at Poise magazine. The competition, Sparkle magazine has been getting Poise's ideas for the last 7 months and nobody knows who's doing it. In one key scene, the mean girl (who is now Jenna's best friend because it turns out Jenna turned into a big 'ol bitch in high school) is digging through Jenna's office and finds envelopes from Sparkle magazine, addressed to Jenna, at work. In the envelopes it says something like "thanks for all the ideas, you'll make a great editor-in-chief here at Sparkle." Horror of horrors, it's Jenna who's been selling out her magazine!

I have 2 problems with this. First, if you're going to sell out your company, would you really have the rival company you're working with send you letters AT YOUR JOB, and then have incriminating evidence in them? Second, why would you actually keep those letters in your unlocked desk drawer towards the top where anyone can find them? This is supposed to be 2004 too, and I saw nobody at her company using email for anything - it was all done by snail mail.

The writers obviously needed to tie up the loose ends before getting to the feel-good ending, but I'm thinking they took a major shortcut with this one.

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Tom Cruise at Yahoo

Tom Cruise @ YahooAs part of the Yahoo influential speakers series (past speakers included Tom Brokaw and the Governator), Tom Cruise came today to have a "fireside chat" with everyone. The event was supposed to start at 10:30am, with doors opening at 10. When we arrived at work at 9:15, the lines to get in were already getting long (the people at the front of the line had arrived at 7am), so we bit the bullet and decided to wait the 45 minutes outside. Fortunately we stood with people we knew, and for once it wasn't raining so it wasn't all bad.

At 10 we all rushed in to get seats - we ended up getting seats on the side, and about halfway back so it could've been worse. 10:30 came and went. At 11 we were told he had "just landed". At 11:30, Terry came on stage to entertain us (by making jokes about lost productivity), and show us a little Tom Cruise montage video. Apparently Tom had flown himself in his own P51 Mustang, and because of the cloudy weather, the airport hadn't let him land on time. By noon he showed up to loud cheers and hurrahs, and sat with Terry on stage for about an hour, entertaining the crowd with stories, antics, and smiles. Katie Holmes was with him as well and sat with all the execs.

It was definitely cool to see him in person - very personable and charismatic, and of course he has that charming smile. He stayed away from hotbed topics which was a good idea.


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