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Fear and the Art of Daycare

I'm in a really pissy mood today, and only part of it has to do with the lack of sleep I'm going on.  I'll preface this whole thing by saying that I absolutely love our daycare, it's definitely more like sending Peter to school.  I know it's not their fault at all for what I'm going through today, however, I think the whole "think of the children" mentality has gotten completely out of hand.  I understand the need for a state licensing board, and rules, and such, but it'd be nice if they put a few less helicopter parents on the board, and more people who didn't freak out over every little thing.

So my poor little boy has a really red butt. It's not diaper rash, it's just he's had an upset stomach so he's had to be wiped more times than normal, so that's taking its toll.  Ok, fine.  All I want is daycare to use some sort of baby powder or corn starch or something after they change him to keep it dry.  Nope, they're not allowed to do that because according to the state licensing board, there's a danger of powder inhalation.

K....I've been using baby powder on him for almost 2 years now, and there hasn't been one single time when I used so much powder that he was in danger of breathing it in.  If you're constantly creating a powder cloud when you change your kid, then maybe, just maybe, you're using too much.  They used to be able to use corn starch on the kids, but new regulations went through saying they couldn't use any powder products at all.

I'll take a break here to note that as I was having this conversation with the director inside the classroom, one of the kids ran headfirst into the corner of the table, bumping her head pretty badly, and started bawling uncontrollably.  I don't see the state banning tables because kids could run into them.  Or food, because the kids could choke on that.

Fine, plan B - I call his doctor to see what my options are.  "Oh no problem," they say, "just mix up some Maalox and Aquafor and put that on his butt after each change."  Awesome, I now have a solution.  I go buy each product - over the counter, I might add - go to daycare, mix it up in front of 2 of his teachers, apply it, and give them the rest of it to use when they need it.

An hour later I get a phone call.  "Oh we talked with our nurse, and we can't give him this mixture without a doctor's orders and having it be mixed by a pharmacist."  Why?  Apparently as a parent, I could put anything in that mixture and they wouldn't know it.  Does it matter that both products are over the counter? No.  Does it matter that 2 of his teachers SAW me mix it? No.  Does it matter that the only person it would affect is my kid? No.  Does it matter that they know me much better than Joe Random Pharmacist working at the Walgreens? No.  Does it matter that it's a topical ointment? Nope.

What should've taken literally 5 minutes to complete has now consumed most of my day, and it's still not over. I'm waiting for the doctor to call the pharmacy to have them mix the evil Maalox and Aquafor together. By the time that's done, the day will be over and my kid's butt still won't have gotten treated. 

Oh, and as a side note about licensing rules gone weird - a few weeks ago one of his teachers mentioned to me that my son was doing better eating with a spoon. I mentioned to them that he uses a fork at home and never really uses a spoon anymore. They said they weren't allowed to give the toddlers forks because they could stab themselves.  Man, I looked around that room, and saw maybe 20 things that kids could hurt themselves with, and that was at a quick glance.  Maybe parents shouldn't even drive their kids to daycare anymore because more kids get hurt in car accidents.  

What's my conclusion? I don't really have one, honestly, other than I'm completely flabbergasted that I, as a parent, and my doctor aren't allowed to have my daycare give my kid something over the counter.  I'm scared to think of how bad the "think of the children" rules are going to be once he hits elementary school.

Rant over. I feel a little better...slightly.

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U R 3llt

Do people not know how to write complete sentences anymore?

I put something up for sale on Craigslist yesterday, which I've done several times before. This item though (a Sidekick II) fits a lower target demographic than things like furniture and Sharks tickets.

90% of the emails I received looked like this (the only editing I did on this was take the person's name out):

im interested in buying yur sidekicks due to me and my bro both want them
if we buy them can u get sum kind of discount for both of them.
we live in santa clara as well so it be no problem to pick up.\
if u cant lower the price well jus take one of them.

I just want to cry. I'm so tempted to create a random Yahoo account and inform them that in the future if they wish to buy something from someone, to use proper English in their writing. Fortunately I did receive some emails from people who had a clue, and sold to them.

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