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The Times They Have a'Changed

As part of my class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, I'm going through all my photos and memorabilia, from....forever. I've come across a lot of interesting photos and news clippings and such that I had completely forgotten about. I saw this one today, and just had to laugh.

This is from the Apple internal newsletter, dated September 17, 1995. At this time I was about 3 1/2 months out of college, Apple had literally just established their web presence, and I was the webmaster of the Apple Developer website. The date is important to put this quote into context.

...Developers like the fact that they can download the information they want - for free. We get about 10,000 people looking at our content each week. It's a really great service for them.

So in 1995, the developer site got 10,000 hits a week. I found some statistics on, that shows the Apple website gets roughly 600 million - 1 billion page views a day. The developer site is 1% of that. So roughly the minimum page views per day for the developer site is 6 million, so per week the developer site will get 42 million hits. I know that's page views and not users, but still, that's still an interesting statistic.

Oh yeah, here's the crappy picture that went along with the article:

Apple Webmasters - circa 1995


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