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The Most Surreal Thing We've Ever Witnessed

A couple of nights ago, Leif and I decided to go to Black Angus for dinner. We took 6th (a freeway) to Union, and were waiting at the light in the right turn lane. Union I think has 3 lanes going north, 3 lanes going south, with a median in between. There's a car in front of us waiting for traffic to clear too. Finally, the lanes are clear, the car in front of us is getting ready to turn, when off to our left we hear a loud noise. We turn, and see a white van barreling from behind us. It passes us on our left, goes straight across the 3 lanes going south, hits the median, jumps over the median, lands partly on some guy's hood, keeps going straight, slams into a pickup truck, keeps going straight across the 3 lanes going north, hits the curb, goes through the guard rail, over a tiny incline (like really tiny), and stop right past the guard rail when it hits some trees.

Van Whose Brakes Went Out

We sat there for a moment, then Leif made the quick turn, pulled over on the side, and carefully jumped out of the car and ran across to see if he could help (he was careful - at that point I was thinking of that article I had read on people who help after a traffic accident getting hit themselves). I called 911, as I'm sure a ton of other people did, put on the hazard lights, and went over as well.

The 3 guys in the van had already gotten out by the time Leif had gotten there. The 2 people in the cars who had gotten hit were understandably very shaken up, I mean how often is it that a van just lands on the hood of your car. The pickup had the worst damage though, that thing was totaled. The hood was all smashed, the passenger door barely opened, fortunately he was ok.

Pickup truck who got hit

Big kudos to the Lakewood Police Department. Within about 2-3 minutes of me getting off the phone with them (that's who I was transferred to when I dialed 911) we all heard sirens. 2 fire trucks, several police cars, and I think an ambulance showed up.

We stuck around to give our info to the cops and the people who had been hit since some of the witnesses decided enough people had witnessed it and left. I think we were the only witnesses who stuck around though (hey, I'd want people to stick around too if it were me).

We did make it to Black Angus after that, but wow, both of us were really happy that everyone was ok, no one was seriously injured or killed, and it hadn't been us.

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