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Leif's Busy Weekend

While I hung out at Cathy's while she was making peach cobbler, peach chutney, and peach jam with a box of fresh peaches she got, Leif was able to actually go out and do things (that I couldn't :(. First, he and Randy headed off to Ramparts for their poker run. 25 miles later, and all he ended up with was a pair of jacks (which, apparently, was better than Randy). During the run however he apparently ran into a tree, or over a root, or something dumb like that, so spent the rest of the day complaining about how sore he was. Just like a guy. Trying being pregnant, dammit, then that'll give you something to whine about! :)

After that they headed off to try some indoor skydiving. Now for those who don't know, Leif used to actually be really into skydiving, having completed just short of 1000 jumps (although he hasn't done it in about 15 years). He used to compete with a team in formation jumping, as well as being the camera man for newbies taking their first jumps (and people who just wanted a video souvenir of themselves), so he's been very excited to try this. I was able to go watch them participate in this, and brought along our new video camera, the Flip Mino. After getting some info from Andy and deciding we needed some sort of video camera for when Beavis is born (no, we're not really naming him Beavis...), we bought this, but hadn't really used it yet.

In any case, I brought along the video camera and recorded all 3 of their runs (each). It does a pretty good job, with the exception that the zoom is digital so you really don't want to zoom in. I knew this already, so didn't bother trying, but got a decent video of Leif. The instructor told him he looked better than pretty much all the beginners who come in, but Leif never bothered to tell the guy he used to skydive. In any case, both him and Randy had loads of fun, even though the flying time is short, and it's expensive.

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